Helping Your Children Love Their Glasses

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Is your third-grader constantly “forgetting” her glasses at home? Does your little boy come up with all kinds of excuses not to wear his? Here are some tips for keeping those glasses on! Their Glasses Should Be Their Own Glasses don’t carry quite the same stigma they used to, but the fear of facing mockery from peers is still one …

Why We Get Dark Circles Under Our Eyes

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Getting a poor night’s rest isn’t the only reason you get dark circles under your eyes! Many of us have seen those pesky dark circles or bags under our eyes and blame it on a lack of sleep. But there’s actually more to it than that! The Skin Under Your Eyes Is Very Thin The skin underneath and around your …

Why Do We Have Eyebrows And Eyelashes?

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Eyebrows and eyelashes serve important functions and protect our eyes every single day! You see them every time you look in the mirror, but you probably don’t think about them very often. And when you do start thinking about those seemingly random furry patches on your forehead known as eyebrows or the delicate hair coming out of your eyelids known …

Toys And Eye Safety: Not All Fun And Games

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The last thing any parent wants is for their child to get an eye injury, and it’s even worse when the injury comes from a beloved toy. Kids see all the epic action-adventure films coming out these days and want to be larger-than-life characters like Harry Potter, Iron Man, Luke Skywalker, and Katniss Everdeen, and that means battery-powered wands, Nerf guns, …

Can Sunglasses Expire?

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Lucky for you, it may be high time for a new pair of shades! We’re surrounded by things with expiration dates, from the food in our fridge to the moisturizer we put on our face at night. Over time, the lightbulbs in our lamps go out and the paint on our houses fade. But what about your sunglasses? Do they …

Relieve Computer Eye Strain With These Simple Tips

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Many of us spend a good portion of our day looking at a computer screen—some averaging as much as 10 hours of screen time per day! Even if you don’t have a desk job that requires a lot of time in front of a computer, it’s important to understand the effects it can have on our bodies and our vision. …

Have You Ever Wondered What A Phoropter Does?

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This is a question we love getting: “What does that big, space helmet-looking thing actually do anyway?” Most patients have wondered what that large, imposing piece of equipment is that they always see at the optometrist’s office. Well, it’s called a phoropter, or a refractor, and it’s an awesome tool we eye docs love to use! Read on to find …

Westlake Eyecare is Growing!

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We are so excited to announce the opening of our new Downtown location!  Please come visit us in the 360 Building or give us a call at 512-643-2020!