Kazuo Kawasaki brand frames at Westlake Eyecare

Kazuo Kawasaki

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Kazuo Kawasaki is an award-winning industrial designer who approaches his eyewear collection with equal attention to art and technology. Kawasaki’s screwless, pressure mounted frames are made of beta titanium for a light, durable design that is the height of sophistication. They are some of the finest and best-quality rimless frames on the market.

KBL Brand Frames by Westlake Eyecare in Austin,TX


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KBL stands for: Kind of Bohemian Lifestyle, and they imbue their frames with that aesthetic. KBL designs eyewear for the customer who values artistry in design. As a brand, they believe in quality, comfort, and elegance with attention to detail.

Tavat Brand Frames at Westlake Eyecare


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Designed in California, and hand-crafted in the Dolomites of Italy, Tavat is an independent company who seeks to marry functionality and simplicity to create frames that will stand the test of time. Tavat believes in creating elegant designs while using the best technology possible in its frames to create eyewear for those interested in having the best of both worlds.

Costa Del Mar Brand Frames at Westlake Eyecare in Austin

Costa Del Mar

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Costa makes the best lenses for those who love to be in and on the water. Beyond being dedicated to helping others see better on the water, Costa del Mar believes in protecting the waters they enjoy. Founded by adventurers, Costa seeks to make the clearest lenses and rugged frames for those who take the river less paddled.

Shauns California Brand Frame at Westlake Eyecare

SHAUNS California

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Founded in 2011, Shauns seeks to create California-inspired eyewear which is carefully produced in family-owned Italian workshops. They aim to produce an artisan product that challenges the definition of luxury. Their philosophy is “soulful luxury.”