Masunaga Brand Frames at Westlake in Austin, TX


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Established in Fukui, Japan at the turn of the century, Masunaga Optical began with the goal of turning the region into a major optical world powerhouse. Old-world craftsmanship is alive and well at Masunaga. Their handmade eyewear has been worn by the imperial family and placed in time capsules. These beautiful, handmade frames are the pinnacle of Japanese quality and attention to detail.

Tom Ford Brand Frame at Westlake Eyecare

Tom Ford

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Born here in Austin, Tom Ford is a homegrown design genius. His eyewear is dramatically elegant with clean lines and modern innovations that appeal to a wide palette. Tom Ford’s optical and sunglass frames are luxurious pieces for the connoisseur in us all. They never fail to stand out in a room, or on the go.

Lafont Brand Brand Frames at Westlake Eyecare


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Lafont is truly a family affair. Started in 1923 in Paris, Lafont has been a major innovator and creator from the beginning and has collaborated with other longtime design houses such as Chanel and Hermes. Lafont frames are truly one-of-a-kind. They speak to the discerning customer looking for refinement with a touch of rebellious spirit.

Kilsgaard Brand Frames at Westlake Eyecare


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Rather than seeking to revolutionize eyewear, Kilsgaard seeks to focus on the elements of quality and design that are time-proven. Simplicity, elegance, and reliability combine to create beautiful, functional frames. Although known for their aluminum frames, Kilsgaard has also expanded to use Japanese acetates to create frames with a similar vision.


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2.5 by Eyephorics are precision-made, unique eyewear pieces using the best technology to incorporate your unique vision. With dozens of options, 2.5 leaves the shape and color up to you for maximum personalization. Named for their weight, just 2.5 grams, 2.5 frames are unbelievably light and comfortable. Despite their delicate appearance, they are also extremely durable.

Bevel Amedeo Brand frames at Westlake Eyecare


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Bevel is devoted to making eyewear that is your favorite accessory. Eyewear brings attention to the face and is an essential part of our daily look. As their website puts it, “Eyeglasses are universal, not gender specific, easy to maintain, and play a crucial role in our lives and daily discourse.” They’re committed to making you look your best and to providing classic frames with the best materials available.